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Keeping your information private, safe, and secure is a big deal for us. That’s why we ask you to create an account as soon as you visit the site; it allows us to keep everything you tell us nice and secret, shhhhh…

What happens to my information?

All the information collected by Smooth Sailing is called “your information”. Your data which includes your personal details, answers to questions and usage data of the online program will be stored securely on the Black Dog Institute servers for 15 years. These servers use the same level of encryption as internet banking. Teachers, parents, and other students are not able to view any of your information unless you choose to share it with them. If you want to see or change your personal profile, just click on ‘My Profile’ in your menu. If you want to be deleted from our system, email your request through to smoothsailing@blackdog.org.au

Your information will be used:

  • To create a personal profile and work out the activities and information to suggest to you
  • To give you access to the positive psychology program “Bite Back”
  • To see whether you may benefit from a check-in from the school counsellor
  • To see whether the service is helping students’ mental health

All of your answers will be confidential and recorded in a way that will not identify you. At no point in time will your data be identifiable when used for any research purpose. Your information will never be shared or accessed by anyone other than authorised researchers at the Black Dog Institute. Any researcher who wishes to use your data will be required to contact and be approved the University of New South Wales Human Research Ethics Committee.

All of your personal information will remain confidential and all use of data will strictly comply with the Institute’s privacy policy. To read the policy in full, please visit here.

If there are any changes to these terms and conditions or our privacy policy, all students will be informed by email. If you have concerns about your privacy, please contact us.